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  • Guam Medical Mission Helps Those in Need

    KUAM news, posted April 11, 2011

    by Joan Aguon Charfauros


    Guam - Local doctors and members of the community Dr. Jerone Landstrom, Dr. Noel Silan, and Dr. Darius Richardson will be hosting the first Guam Medical Mission on April 29 and are planning on conducting around 8-16 free surgeries. Dr. Silan says a mission to the Philippines inspired them to extend such services locally.


    "They really are life-changing procedures where we could actually help them and do surgery and make them be more functional and have a productive lifestyle," he explained.


    The team's goal is to select people who are not covered by insurance or Medicare. "Even though insurance here on Guam, even though a good healthcare system, there are still those who fall through the cracks - patients that don't have the financial means to have these surgeries done," Silan continued.


    After the surgery is performed, he hopes that they will have a better outlook on life. Forms will be available starting today at all village mayors offices and should be submitted no later than 5pm on April 22. Candidate selection will be done the following week.


    According to Silan, this is the first of many medical missions that will be conducted. Submitted applications that are not selected will be held on file to be considered in future medical outreach programs as he anticipates a large number of interested applicants.


    Guam Pacific Daily News, published December 20, 2010

    Guam residents gave back in 2010, providing everything from last-minute Thanksgiving turkeys to complex surgery for those in need.


    In a poverty-stricken remote area of the Philippines, Guam surgeons took matters into their own hands at the beginning of this year.


    As part of a yearly surgical mission organized in conjunction with an international nonprofit organization, Guam foot surgeon Noel Silan, maxillofacial surgeon Darius Richardson and hand surgeon Jerone Landstrom helped treat more than 500 patients.


    The surgeons performed 112 major and 106 minor surgeries, in an area where health care is sorely lacking. The 10-day mission was part of a joint effort between the Pagasa and International Surgical Missions, a Colorado-based nonprofit that arranges trips to Third World countries to provide surgical care to people who would otherwise be untreated.


    The doctors will repeat the mission again in 2011, but are also gearing up to help people closer to home. The doctors' Guam-based nonprofit, Pagasa, which means Hope, is currently raising funds to help support a mission on Guam. The goal is to provide surgery to those who cannot afford it on Guam. 


    Guam Sunday News published April 1, 2001

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    Guam Tribune published August 14, 1991

    Click here for an archive of this news story where a Soviet sailor is flown by chopper to Guam for emergency surgery during the backdrop of the cold war. 



    Dr. Jerone Landstrom was a guest of honor October 7 when he received the 2013 American College of Surgeons/Pfizer Surgical Volunteer Award for military outreach.

    Each year, the American College of Surgeons recognizes the dedication and contributions of its members though Surgical Volunteerism Awards in domestic, international, military outreach, and volunteerism during surgical residency. Dr. Landstrom was one of four physicians recognized; he for outreach contributions in the Federated States of Micronesia, Guam, the Philippines, and Afghanistan.

    Dr. Landstrom was flown to Washington DC for the award ceremony. While there, Landstrom also lectured to a packed house of his colleagues at the American College of Surgeons on "Adversity, Diversity and Volunteerism."

    In April when the American College of Surgeons contacted Dr. Landstrom about his award, he admits he was shocked and honored to be recognized. He hopes to raise the awareness of Operation Giving Back and to attract medical providers to Guam. Read more about the award here.


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